Our Firm

Established 15 years ago in Strasbourg, (Alsace, Eastern France) and in Montpellier (French Mediterranean coast), our BREV&SUD and BLEGER-RHEIN offices were set up by three experienced partners with ethics in mind.

We still work from a human-sized office of almost 30 people where our clients, as well as our associates, are listened to and valued. There are now five partners and we are also based in other regions such as Champagne-Ardenne. We also have an office in Hong-Kong and we recently opened an office in Paris.

This network of different offices in France was born from our wish to be close to our French industrial clients, with the idea of giving the best advice we can, but also to play an active role in the detection of all innovations and its protection, while guaranteeing the shortest possible working delays.

As for expertise, we work under the approval of the French National Company of Industrial Property Advice (CNCPI) of which we are members, and the INPI (National Institute for Industrial Property in Paris, France). We also work all over Europe and the European Community and we are:

  • Representatives at the WIPO, The Global Organization for Intellectual Property (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Representatives at the OHIM (Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market in Alicante, Spain)
  • Representatives at the EPO (European Patent Office in Munich, Germany).

Cabinet BREV&SUD and Cabinet Bleger-Rhein teams possess all the necessary qualifications to act on behalf of third-parties, along side the principle official Organizations. We work in this way on behalf of our industrial company client base – for leaders in their markets – growing their business in a multitude of diverse areas. Even if nowadays it’s the norm to plan only for the short or medium term due to the unpredictability of the economy, we keep looking to establish a long-term and trusting relationship with our client base and foreign correspondents.

We are proud of the fact that the companies we advise today consider us to be more like real partners than just consultants.

Our main aims are:

  • To advise in the field of French and European Intellectual Property law
  • To represent before French and European Offices, To assist in obtaining, maintaining, developing, watching and defending industrial property rights.

Within our fields of competence:

  • Trademark availability and watches
  • Evaluation of an invention’s patentability in France and Europe
  • Patent, trademark and design filings in France and Europe
  • Follow-up of the issuance and registration procedure
  • Negotiating and writing transfer agreements, licenses, transfers of technology
  • Defensive strategies at a trial
  • Unfair competition legal actions Industrial and intellectual property or how to protect, watch and value one’s creations/innovations.

Competence, availability and responsiveness sum up the philosophy of Cabinet BREV&SUD and Cabinet BLEGER-RHEIN all over France and Europe.